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MarketfarmaHD Cartagena
Address: urbanización San Pedro carrera 68i manzana 30- 4, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia | Phone: +57 317 5251988 | Website:

I had to make a quick stop at this MarketfarmaHD Cartagena. I have never been to this location, but the cashier (I didn’t get her name, but I believe she’s Hispanic) was so upbeat and kind. She put a smile on everyone’s face who was in line. My advice to management would be to give this woman a raise for her customer service.

We were told on three different trips back and forth to the pharmacy that the prescription would be done in 45 minutes, and I called and asked what was going on. Why can’t you fill prescriptions? The girl says because we’re doing all this covid testing, so basically, they’ve taken on more than they can handle with the covid testing. Now, you can’t even get your prescription filled. Isn’t that what the pharmacy is for? Filling prescriptions.

Address: Av. Venezuela, Cl. 35 #Nº 9 – 41, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia | Phone: +57 1 800 0128444 | Website:

My go-to Cafam! My prescription was sent to Walmart by accident by my doctor and was $15 more than the usual Stromectol price that I pay at the last location. I called up Cafam, and they “requested” the prescription back over to them, and it’ll be ready tomorrow. I appreciated the help!

Cafam Pharmacy is a most careful and caring pharmacy. I am not sure that there is another place like it. As such, it holds its customers in the highest regard and puts the customer first. I am glad that this place takes the utmost care in safeguarding the secrecy and legitimacy of anyone’s prescriptions. Caution first and above all else. What more can someone ask for in a pharmacy–care, compassion, secrecy. This is what I most value in this pharmacy. The speed of the pharmacist is extraordinary. Anywhere else, I’d have to wait a long time. Not so here. Service is the best and fastest. Since they first started, I’ve been using this pharmacy, and I have nothing but the best to say about this place.

HOPE Pharmacy
Address: 1330 N 25th St, Richmond, United States | Phone: (804) 537-0103 | Website:

Worst pharmacy ever, not the staff, the staff is wonderful, but they seem to cant keep the pharmacy if u are sick and need Ivermectin for humans online. I don’t recommend sending your prescription here because who knows when you will get it every time you go? There is no pharmacist on duty sign!! Please get more ppl on board.

My local doctor referred me to this pharmacy as I had been using a big chain pharmacy that was not helping me. Hope Pharmacy has been great. They have gone out of their way to get my medications covered, I can call and speak to the pharmacist right away, and they also have free delivery for medications.

Guardian Pharmacy
Address: 3110 Stage Post Dr # 109, Memphis, United States | Phone: (817) 599-4166 | Website:

I went to Guardian Pharmacy to pick up my prescription because I really really needed it before work, and yall say online and on the window at your store that the pharmacy opens at 7, but yall weren’t open. Very frustrating. Should probably get this changed. Now I get to spend all day at work feeling horrible because of it.

I’ve been filling my prescriptions here for a while & I’m always blown away by the wonderful service I receive! The pharmacist is always kind and goes above and beyond to help patients (she has even hand-delivered my Stromectol pills to my house!) I love having a small, black-owned pharmacy to support in the area.

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